About Us

I.A.T.S.E. is the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, Its Territories and Canada. We are IATSE Local 60.

Established in 1898, we represent a proud group of qualified stagehands in the entertainment industry. We are the craftspeople behind the scenes of live theatre, concerts, tradeshows and more. We uphold enduring traditions of skill, creativity, and solidarity on stages across the Florida Panhandle. Our members include riggers, carpenters, electricians, wardrobe and makeup artisans, hairstylists, props masters, and other technicians bringing productions to life with world-class craftsmanship. Through changing times and technologies, we carry on the timeless work of entertainment, now entering our third century while continuing to organize for fair contracts, safe conditions, and living wages so our members can support themselves and their families. IATSE Local 60 salutes all sisters, brothers, and allies who make the show go on.

Venues & Where We Work

201 E Gregory Street
Pensacola, FL

118 S Palafox Street
Pensacola, FL

Our Officers

Andrea Deckbar, President

As President of IATSE Local 60 and Vice President of the Central Labor Council, Andrea Deckbar leverages over 10 years of entertainment industry and organized labor experience to advocate for film/TV technicians, artisans and craftspeople. She mobilizes solidarity across diverse unions to secure fair wages, benefits and safe working conditions for members. A skilled negotiator at both the bargaining table and in government halls, Ms. Deckbar continues fighting so that entertainment professionals and all union members can provide for themselves and their families with dignity and respect.

Lonnie Hawkins, Treasurer

Mr. Lonnie Hawkins serves as Treasurer of IATSE Local 60, managing finances and ensuring fiscal responsibility for the organization representing film/TV technicians, artisans, and craftspeople. His budgeting expertise and strategic planning skills also prove valuable in his role as an administrator for a prominent local law firm. With decades of combined experience across the entertainment industry and legal services sectors, Mr. Hawkins provides steady leadership, careful oversight of complex operations, and guidance on long-term growth. His financial acumen and understanding of legal practices make him an integral part of both organizations. Mr. Hawkins works tirelessly so IATSE Local 60 can secure the wages, benefits and protections its diverse membership deserves, while also helping the law firm deliver quality legal representation for its clients.

Hope Nelson, Secretary

Bringing over a decade of entertainment costume/wardrobe experience, IATSE Local 60 Secretary Ms. Hope Nelson helps give voice to the needs of our behind the scenes crews. She also leverages her artistic talents and mastery of fabrics, sewing and detail through her business providing auto and marine upholstery in Pensacola. Whether breathing new life into classic car interiors or upholding critical craft skills in the entertainment industry, Ms. Nelson pursues all work with passion.