This is for all my fellow I.A.T.S.E. Local 60 members and referral hall members. Tomorrow at the Saenger Theatre we have our second Broadway play of the season Waitress. For those on the call load in begins promptly at 8am so please arrive early enough to check in with your steward, get your dept assignment, and be ready for boots on the ground at 8am. If your on hair or wardrobe your call is 12 noon. Remember this is a professional broadway and we should dress and act accordingly. Just a reminder that shorts are not permitted on calls at the Saenger Theatre. Last but certainly not least everyone watch out for everyone and keep safety at the front of your mind at all times. We had two injuries on the last broadway, both of which could have easily been prevented. One member had their toe ran over by a road case… easy fix steel toe shoes and always pay attention where the road case is going and where your feet are. Second person twisted their ankle when jumping out from inside a road case. No need to even discuss that we all know how that could have been prevented. Look out for each other, use the proper number of people when pushing (dont try to manhandle), and whatever task your on think about what could go wrong and what to do to prevent that from happening. Thank you all in advance for your hardwork and we will see everyone tomorrow at 8am and wardrobe/hair at 12.

Kevin Sutton